D.M.Jenkins DMJPNG

Malcolm models the South Australian Railways in N scale and uses 3D modelling to produce models: some of these are used as masters and released as kits by Peter Boorman's Workshop.

Other models for which demand is limited are made available from Shapeways via my shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/malky-s-n-scale-models

Instruction sheets for these models are available here:

Redhen 300 class instructions                               Redhen 400 class instructions

Redhen 860 class trailer instructions                      500/600 class Steel Car Instructions

Baby Health Car instructions                                 Poison Train Instructions

W wagon instructions                                           SHBX Grain Hopper Instructions

HCA Cement Hopper Instructions                          D Mail Van Instructions 

Sf Sheepvan Instructions                                      S Bogie Sheepvan Instructions

Joint Stock Sleeper Instructions                            Joint Stock CE Van Instructions

Joint Stock D Mail Van Instructions                        Sleeper Finnis Instructions

Early Series 8300 Instructions                               JCP Instructions

VR X Class instructions                                         Brill 75 Railcar and Trailer Instructions 3D printed Version

SAR Ballast Plough Instructions                             SAR Z Ballast Hopper Instructions

Superchook 2300 Instructions                               Superchook 2500 Trailer Instructions

CGP/AVBY Instructions                                         Bluebird TM-12R Chassis Adapter Instructions

2000 Jumbo Instructions                                      2100 Jumbo Trailer Instructions

2000 Jumbo Chassis Modification Instructions        Brill 55 Railcar Instructions 3D printed version

HO Scale Model Instructions

HO Scale Water Column Instructions

Decals and Custom Etched Brass Parts

Decals and, where applicable, custom etched brass parts are available to complete these models, as well as some extra decals for Peter Boorman's Workshop kits.

A listing is available here: Decal and Parts Price List